Paula Thompson
Personal Trainer, Gym-stick and Silver Sneakers Trainer.
Paula has been in Cromwell 14 years now and loves the wide blue open sky and surrounding scenery. “It is always so stunning she says, a magic place to live”. She has two boys and loves her mix of precious family time and being part of the N.R.G family.
Riki Chidley
Personal Trainer and Tribe Team Trainer.
Riki is an experienced and dedicated trainer. He is committed to you and your health and fitness goals, always going the extra mile.
Chantel Lindsay
Managing Director, Personal Trainer, Tribe Team Trainer, Metafit HIIT Trainer, Life Coach, Wellness Coach and Multiple Winning 20 Week Challenge Coach!
I love health and wellbeing! I believe everyone's life can be enhanced via ones effort put into exercise and health - "Positivity is the key to success".
Shelley Baird
Director of Finance and Administration.
Shelley is a Cromwell local. Shelley was a gym member at NRG for 3 years. She studied/trained on the job and gained her qualifications whilst raising a young family! Shelley’s passion is motivating people to achieve their goals and be the fittest and healthiest they can. Shelley is your go-to for all membership and payment questions.
Yoga, Stretch and Pump Instructor.
Lesley is our yoga and stretch and balance instructor. She has always has had a passion for keeping healthy and strong.
Andy Hamilton
Personal Trainer
Andy is our newest member to the team! He is passionate about health and fitness and always gives clients his absolute best. Andy is currently studying nutrition as another string to his bow. He's super excited to be able to use this to help his clients achieve their goals.