“Wish I could take Nrg and it’s wonderful PT’s with me to Rotorua. I’m going to miss the great workouts and classes, friendly faces and the amazing positive vibe that Chantel and the team at NRG provide. Thanks so much for the support you guys have given me in the last four years. I am so going to miss you all. ” – Jodi H
“I’ve been working with my trainer Ginge since May this year. He has been helping me reach my goals and pushing me when I have needed it. I believe having Ginge as my trainer will help be more motivated in reaching my overall goals. Even though its only been a couple of months, I can see the changes in me and it is all thanks to Ginge. Thanks for helping me adhere a healthier lifestyle.” Lee H
“Paula talked me into doing the rustic run with 3 weeks to prep after being inactive for at least 6 months. I was terrified, but Paulas encouragement spurred me on and I did it! Now I am regularly at the gym setting goals and achieving them. With an amazing supportive PT, I am now training to do the 10km Clyde to Alex run and cant wait.” Shanae K
“Joelene brings with her to the gym a fresh new style to challenge and motivate members towards exercise and fitness. Imparting her knowledge of new techniques in an inspirational and encouraging manner. The energy and enthusiasm that Joelene exudes, is infectious, making workouts an enjoyable experience.” Kelly E
“Love to be pushed by Joelene and my classmates” – MH
“No where to hide, instructor keeps us on our toes” ANON
“Because … group motivation really, really works” ANON
“Love the camaraderie and being pushed to the max” BY
“Core keeps you strong and gets you toned. It has changed my shape. Awesome! ” JE
“Because your core is your ‘inner strength’ for all your outer strength needed for healthy living” – GH